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online programs

Our video based online programs
offer insight & knowledge through
interviews with teachers & entrepreneurs.
We seek out the most experienced and successfull individuals to participate in our interviews and video based discussions.


We offer 1-ON-1 coaching for your life, business goals and aspirations. Coaching can break you through to the next leval of success and get you unstuck. Even coaches have coaches. Coaching services start at $1,499/month. Ask about 3, 6 & 9 month packages.


We have "Start Where Your At, Be Great Where You Are," for sale either in paperback, or the accompanying video and interview based online program. This book was written by Joshua G. Crampton and the 14 chapters are designed to give you key skills, insights and knowledge to convert your current situation, into the one you really desire and dream of.

masterminds groups

Stuctured mastermind groups are limited to 10 members, and membership is $250/month to join a mastermind. Popularized by Napoleon Hill in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, a mastermind is a group of individuals who come together regularly (either in person or virtually) in order to discuss important personal or business issues and get differing perspectives to help make the best decisions, and/or to change habits and routines from negative ones to positive ones.

email consulting

If 1-ON-1 Coaching is not for you.
Heres an alternative. We offer email based consulting
servics that give you direct access via email
to coaching. Email Consulting starts
at $599/month and can give you the edge
and insight you need, to completely
break yourself into the NEXT LEVAL!

Ask about our special package pricing!

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